These birds don't only fly but they sing too!  Our ideas to become a duet came when we first started to  back vocals in Cirque du Soleil  with the Innovator Francine Poitras . 

We learned lots about world beat and "'mantra' songs there ... and still incorporate this into our training today. In fact, we perform with the Golden Bridge choir (Maggie Wheeler )  in LA which often employs folk songs from the content of Senegal and South Africa.

Now we tell our life story in a modern but traditional fashion covering  classics and writing original songs as well.  This is the new frontier for us as performers, artistes and sisters.

Look to our videos for a wee taste of what our unique flavor of comedy and song is all about. The best is yet to come - and won't it be fine!?!


Uniquely qualified by a lifetime spent in feats of daring-do the Steben Twins offer personal and professional insights to a wisdom learned over their storied careers.

RISKS: learning to know when and how to make calculated risks and weigh them against the rewards and the consequenes or regrets for not having tried!

TEAMWORK: Practice building the basic elements that make for the bonds of trust through humor, empathy,acceptance and mutual respect.

LEADERSHIP: team building, authenticity, self-esteem, letting go of the ego, delegation, being true to your purpose and the greater good.

These inspirational events can be custom tailored to each clients need and purpose for any occasion!



  - corporate events 

  - private parties

  - fund raisers 

  - workshops

  - schools functions

   we performed for:

Cirque du Solil - Saltimbanco - "O"

Jay Leno - Google - Facebook -Toyota -

Audi- G7 Summit- Robert Kennedy jr.-

Justin Tudreau- Prince  Albert of Monaco- the Royal family (UK) -AT&T- Well's Fargo-

Mc Donald -  

and many more... 


The twins are the embodiment of the childhood dream of running away to join the circus - which is exactly what they did at the age of 16. 


In the tradition of a carnival barkers chatter on the runway the Steben Twins have indeed actually toured and performed for the crowned heads of Europe and been cheered on by audences all around the world 


"We never allow formalities to come between us and the people in our audience." It is this soulful ability to find new ways to  connect  to the people in a way that allows people to go away with the sensations of being touched on the heart level.

The invitation is open to you to experience this proven crowd pleaser and one of a kind unique sister act honed to perfection under the big top and on the stages of royalty.