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  -Fund raisers     

  -School Fonction 
  -Healing center 


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M o t i v a t i o n a l     s p e a k e r s

The twins are excited to share their stories of communication , hopes, physical, spiritual and mental health endurance and tools with your audiences.  Uniquely qualified by a lifetime spent in feats of daring-do the Steben Twins offer personal and professional insights to a wisdom learned over their storied careers.

Overcoming Trauma & fears. Sharing tools for physical, spiritual and mental Health they share about communication, teamwork and Performance Experts tools.


The Steben Twins are easy to work with. They are friendly, engaging, articulate speakers. Able to resonate with the specific needs of your audience.

Twice the motivation and determination, they will WOW your audience with their new perspectives on interpersonal relationships, the deep knowledge to succeed in conquering fear, blockages, small or big obstacles, the well-being of teamwork and what you have to do and change to get to a climb to success.

The sisters can deliver memorable and powerful stories. They are credible with their experiences of more than 30 years of presentations and lessons across more than 55 countries and they will be cooperative with you on every aspect and will know how to support your theme and subject at your event. They are pleasant, offer “double trouble” behavior filled with humor and, above all, with love for one another! They are very entertaining, informative and inspiring.

The Steben twins are recognized for their famous innovative foot to foot trapeze number, extend the first women in the world to create a mirror duo like this one. They transform their medium of aerial poetics by the force of their words to inspire their audience by sharing their history and their experiences.


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