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The Full Story


“We are identical twins. We worked as Trapeze Artists and toured together for 30 years with our signature act holding each other by the feet on a trapeze at 25 feet above the audience. We always respect each other’s opinions, event if they are so different! Everyday we choose to make peace instead of war. We understand what can be sibling /twins/ partners/ family conflicts. Because, we did not even communicated enough! 


 Imagine the whole world! 

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We recognize how everyone is unique and we  embrasse each other's strength and weaknesses. We share about how we learned ways to open communication. How to listen to each other. We talk about empathy. Cultivate acceptance.

Make every team attain success. 



Through laughter, listening and openness we became in unisson a team that works like a family . A partnership who care for each other. Who shows support but dont overshadow each other. 

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