Singing mid  A I R 


Karyne et Sarah 's healing voices will enchante you .

 Their voices harmonizes brilliantly and produce unisons that retain lightness and warmth. Your sense will be delighted with the visual sensual lines they created while creating melodies.

Born near Montreal into the limelight as the 

daughters of recording artist and famous French-Canadian TV 

personality, Claude Steben. The STEBEN TWINS made their TV debut

on "Les Satellipopettes," their father’s popular children’s show.  At 

only 16 years of age, they debuted on the world stage as the brave 

and beautiful flying trapeze artistes in Cirque du Soleil "Saltimbanco" shows,

(1991-1996) touring internationally as a starring act. Following this success, the twins were again flying high as a headline act in “O” in Las Vegas.

Today, their unique show performance has evolved from soaring like birds to singing like birds!


The inseparable sisters grew up in Québec, (speaking French as their first language) and were introduced by their father at quite the precocious age of only six into show business by singing with him. Since then they have performed the world over in more than 50 countries.

They have appeared as twins charming charactor actors, singers

and trapeze artist at Teatro Zinzanni in San Francisco and Seattle, and

at the Tiger Palast Cabaret in Germany. Also at the Royal Albert Hall in London. 

On screen, the twins were series regulars and sang original songs from their father's composition on the HBO series CARNIVALE, appeared in the feature films ‘When Night is Falling' and Joss 

Whedon's remake of "Much Ado about Nothing" as well as an appearance on

the Tonight Show with Jay Leno

The Steben twins brought home many awards with their performances.  

In Monte Carlo " festivale du Cirque de Monaco" and Paris " Le cirque de demain

In Italie " Genova grand primo festival" and Sweeden "Princessan"