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30 years with the circus

We were so lucky to have been around the world with Circus companies, cabarets and festivals. Here we wanted to share some videos available of our great performance memories


Festivale de Monté Carlo, Monaco 1995 Silver Clown

Saltimbanco - Cirque Du Soleil   1991 -1996

Creation for live performance - Santa Monica, Frida Kahlo 

Amsterdam  European tour -1996   Still learning english! 

Siamese characters in Carnivàle, HBO series. Season one also signing : "After the ball is over "

Art improve exhibition, Los Angeles,
Come to your senses  

Circus festival in Italy, 1996  - Winning gold

A work out challenge we did togehter

Hollywood's performance
with Scot Nary "Boobie trap" 

Stebentwins performing in
Hollywood with "Boobietrap"  

Frida - Fix trapeze duo act, Starr Parodi's piano concert  

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