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T  W  I  N  S

S  T  E  B  E  N  

          M o t i v a t i o n a l    s p e a k e r s 

       But we chose to stay the best partners

Screen Shot 2022-07-04 at 8.10.37 AM.png

    And we performed for 30 years and are ready to share our stories of success and our secrets of partnership 

Every times we performed together we learn about ourselves and each other's differences. We are mirror twins and it was always just like having a mirror on ourself to help us grow and become the best team of our dreams. One is Left handed, the other Right handed. We are two completely different entity- yet we managed to make one perfect duo in unison. On trapeze we were the extension of each other holding my feet to hers, we had no choice but to accept each other's differences and to embrace each of our strengths and weaknesses. Today we want to share our story and inspire you to gain self love and know how to trust, yourself  and someone else again. With love and open hearth. With patience and self respect - Anyone can do it!

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